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- This is my other webpage. It's dedicated to video games and animation (american and japanese), as well as my artwork. So if you can't get enough of my deranged sense of humor, or you want to see more of my artwork go here!

My 5 favorite Strips
- This is by far my favorite online comic to date. It's great, especially for anyone who ever enjoyed Star Trek and/or science fiction films. It's the story of 4 shipwrecked aliens, a telepathic dog, and a 300 pound hamster. Can you get any better than that?!

- And this is the only comic to come close to being as cool as Melonpool. This comic is awsome. It's about the awsome video game magazine "PVP (Player vs. Player)" and it's workers. The comic is extremely well written, and nicely drawn to boot.

- This is by far without a doubt the coolest comic on Keenspace, and I'm not exaggerating. If you ever wondered what it was like to be in a RPG, your answers are here!

- Probably the only people who play more video games than me. Penny Arcade is an awsome comic (Leroy's personal fav, I might add), and even focuses more on video games than my comic! Is it possible you ask?! Well take a look and see!

- I met the creator of this comic at ArlingCon and he kicks ass. His comic is extremely cool, and quite amazing. I never seem to know what to expect next here, and that's definately a good thing!

Other Cool Comics!
- I don't think here is a weirder comic than Wendy, and if there is.... well, I think it would be freakin' dangerous to look at.

- It has a sabertooth catgirl! Which has got to be the craziest thing I've ever heard of! I also did fan art for this guy, so you know it's ot to be cool!

- This comic is a hilarious suprehero parody, complete with pop culture references that can rival mine. The comic however seems to be on hiatus.

- It's a comic about the ghosts from Pac-Man! Can you get any cooler than that?! Also add the really bizarre story writing and surrealness of this comic, and what do you. One really insane comic about... ummmm.... the Pac-man ghost! And it's cool that way!

- A chain smoking rabbit and a beer guzzling goose! Nuff said!

- This comic is about a video game company and it's insane group of workers. The artwork is some of the best in Keenspace, plus Vey and Niriko are awsome!

- I never thought I'd see a angel go throw a jet engine, wreck a plane, and make it crash into Santa. It was great! And you can see it, too!

- KFC utensils unite! I think this has got to be the most useless superheo in existance! Fortunately for him, his comic kicks ass!!

- This comic is just bad ass. Meet Ront and Mewn owners of a country home that is renting out rooms, and their silly assortment of tenants. This is one of the most creatively written comics I've seen.

- Probably the most mental comic strip out there. I love how this comic is never scared to throw a completely obscure joke into the air. Watch as mad scientist Prof. Ashfeild doesn't try to take over the world, just annoy it ;p

- Almost as mental as "?" College Roomies From Hell takes the idea of college roommates and then subtracts reality from it, and I must say, I wouldn't have it any other way :D

- Like my comic, this comic is based on the cartoonist and his freinds in some not so real adventurs. Not as off the wall as y comic, but just as fun if not more.

- This guy deserves your respect! Not just for his awsome comic, but because the creator of this comic is reasponsible for Keenspace, and Keenspace is responsible for me. Sooooooo..... GO TO THIS PAGE NOW!!!!!

- While I liked it better when it was "Roomies", "It's Walky is a more than worthy spin off series. This comic is great cause despite what's going on in the comic the focus is always on the characters and not the situation. Character developement is GOOD people! And I don't care what anyone says, Jason rocks!

Video Game Pages
- This is a link to Namco! The greatest video game company EVER! Why? For gods sake they created Dig Dug and Pac-man!!!!! Need I say more?!?!?
- My second to favorite video game company! Creators of such great games as Mega Man, Son Son, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, and Bionic Commando! These people like Namco have been around for ever and still are cranking out great games!