Pocket Shinku! Is a new project of mine. It's a lil' side comic I'll do on random occasions (and no set date). However it's something you can do, too. If you can at least draw a stickman, you can make your own Pocket Shinku comic and send it to me at yamcha7@swordbreaker.com, I will add it to this page no matter how good or bad it is. Anyways, here's the comic.


Here's a comic mad martial artist and one of my best freinds, Cary Woodham AKA Ms. Pac-Man. Anywho, if you don't get this joke you either A) don't watch Dexter's Lab, B) don't play Street Fighter Alpha 3, or C) Both!

/\/\00! <-- L33T COW

Much Suck It Is

My skin is brown, but I know samurai spirits!

What would James do?

Meowth! That's Right!

Copyright Infringement

Erasing the Evidence