This section is dedicated to some of my strips that didn't make it.

First off I will write what are supposed to be said in the balloons (it's kinda' hard to read).

Panel 1:

Leroy: What in the hell are you watching?

Robbie: Hentai Voltron!

Panel 2:

TV: And I form THE HEAD!

Panel 3:

Leroy: That's it I'm outta' here!

Robbie: Dude, at least see the "Form Blazing Sword" scene!

Why did this one not get in? Well for starter the characters are wrong. Leroy watches hentai, I rarely do. So if anything Leroy should be watching that with either me or Cary reacting (said when I can't get my own characters right, but this comic was in the first week or so). Second of all, despite what Mutt tells me I just don't think it's that funny. In fact, I find it really immature and lame (with is amazing I'd find anything immature with the way I act in the Forum). Other than tha, I'm not sure if enough people would know what hentai was. So overall, I just thought it was a lame strip, and that's that.