Finger Licking Good! 2-1-01 - I could talk to you about pointless stuff like I got Virtual On for my DC or that I got the cool Tenchi figures toe the left there, but something more important is going on! The Zany Video Gamme Quote Page is back! Go there now! I demand it! You can also see the tons and tons of quotes I've donated to them :D Major props to strangefour, cause if it wasn't for the update of his bad ass comic, Beta The Strip, I'd of never knew.
OUR STAR BLAZERS! 1-23-01 - Man, what a weekend. James, 3, and I had an all day Leiji Matsumoto marathon since me and James are such Leiji fans. We watched My Youth In Arcadia, 10 episodes of Captain Harlock tv, and 5 episodes of Star Blazers (thanks to James's Star Blazer's DVD). I swore my brain almost exploded, it was awsome! I also made a massive addition to my DVD collection. I got El Dorado (don't care what the critics say, this movie rocks), Chicken Run (the critics are right here, this movie's awsome), Car Wash (it was 6 bucks), Dragon's Lair (IT's DON BLUTH DAMMIT!), Dragon's Lair 2 (mmmm... Bluth), Space Ace (Did I mention Don Bluth?), and Time Traveler (yes, the shitty hologram game). It was pretty damn cool. I even got addicted to Dragon's Lair 2 and Space Ace all over again. Don Bluth (Dragon's Lair, Land Before Time 1, Space Ace, ect) and Leiji Matsumoto are two of my 5 biggest idols in the cartoon world (the other 3 being Akira Toriyama, George Herriman, and Jay Ward). So my weekend was pretty bad ass. Okay, back to sleep for me. Oh yeah. Check out Sub-Culture, too.
>Mmmmm... Bone 1-9-01 - Tony (Yagami) found a bad ass comic store the other day. It was awesome, I got a bad ass figure of Vash from Trigun, a awsome Shin Getter 1, a bunch of NES games, and I was able to get caught up on my Bone comics. For those who don't know Bone, it is in my opinion the best comic book ever created. It's got humor, adventure, drama, action you name it. It's all about how the Bone Cousins get lost land in some weird human filled valley, and get caught up in a magical warfare of epic proportions! It's beauifully drawn and extremely well written. Other notes of interest is I got to play Guilty Gear X (mmmmmm... Baiken) and it's bad ass. Some of the best 2D graphics I've ever seen on a Dreamcast with some awsome gameplay! Also got to play Vampire Chronicles (mmmmm... Felicia) and Samba De Amigo 2000 (mmmmm... monkey). Vampire Chronicles is loads of fun, but it's basically Vampire Savior with some added stuff to it. So if you have Vampire Savior on Saturn you may not be interested in importing this. If the closest thing you have to Vampire Savior is Darkstalkers 3 on PSX, then you might want to order Vampire Chronicles, it's hellova lot of fun. Samba de Amig 2000 is like Samba De Amigo with more music, a new character and background, and much much harder (I think me and Antonio almost had heart attacks playing the SOS level). Thus it is also bad ass. I also found out that Funimation released the third pre Z Dragon Ball movie and it's great. Granted the dubbing is pretty bad, but it's funny, and it's Toriyama. I'm actually amazed they relelased this movie since it has a crossover with some of the Dr. Slump characters, but go fig. For those Toriyamaphiles who don't know about Dr. Slump, it was the comic Toriyama did before Dragon Ball, which was Toriyama's warped parody on Astro Boy. Dr. Slump builds a robotic daughter, but she has a few screws loose and talks fall, isn't quite all there, fights Superman and Godzilla for fun, and much much more insane stuff. Muchos fun. Oops almost forgot. I did 3 comics for you people. Today's comic, a new Pocket Shinku, and a brand new comic called Sub-Culture! Check them out. Yamcha out!
Trunks: Dad you sure suck! 1-4-01 - Hey folks. Sorry for the lack of comics for two days I had one INSANE New Years and I also dislocated my shoulder. Anywho, hope you guys like DBZ, cause I want to show you all this insane comic Nicole's cousin George Denton drew (click on the pic to the left to see it). It's pretty god damn funny. I think I mostly like it cause Vegeta gets tormented in it ^_^ And for those who don't know, I HATE HATE HATE Vegeta, unlike Nicole who LOVE LOVE LOVES Vegeta. But I will agree with her that Trunks kicks ass (he's the only good thing that came out of Vegeta (though he technically came out of Bulma)). Anywho, to the point this comic was so cool I sent it to a supposed e-mail address that I thought went to Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama! He responded with something like this, "Comic make me cry many times when look at!" ain't that cool! Anywho this comic is damn funny I think. Other news I updated the art section, there's a new poll up in the voted booth, that I'm sure you've all noticed by now. Nicole seems too popular for her own good (damn the power of breast), and I added a new video game quote to go with today's comic! That's about it.
Drrrrrrrrrrrrrugs! 12-28-00 - Sorry my comics been kinda' on hiatus for awhile. Combinations of some personal problems, the Keenspace Party 2000 project, and the holidays caught up with me in the worse way. Anywho, everything is back on time again. So it should all be good. I got a lot of presents that I'm sure I'll be showing and telling you about eventually, but today I want to speak of two presents I got. One is Incredible Crisis, the most fucked up video game in existance. Incredible Crisis is one of those games that would usual never sees the light of day in the states, but for some reason Titus (the bastards responsible for Superman 64) decided to bring it over, and this is the best they've done since............... hmmmmmm....... ever. Describing Incredible Crisis is almost impossible cause there's nothing else like it. It's about the Tanamatsuri family and their attempts to get home in time for their grandmother's birthday, however they accidentally get involved in an alien conspiracy and a ton of crazy stunts. The gameplay is all set on a bunch of minigames, but it's just so insane. There's Bust A Grove and Beat Mania parady levels, quasi quiz games, levels where you have to sneak out of building, drive a stretcher down a street, dodge a giant globe, and even give a beautiful woman a back massage (this game even kinda' influences cheating on one's wife). This game is pure grade A fucked up. The other thing I want to mention is James got me The Land Before Time on DVD. This movie (the first one anyways, the sequels suck) is done by bad ass animation masta' Don Bluth, and is an awsome thing to own on DVD. However a bonus cool factor is that I can change it to French or Spanish modes, and nothing is funnier then hearing Ducky in Spanish (Me and James have been quoting one of Ducky's Spanish lines quite frequnetly which is "SI! Uhhhh... ahhhh... si,si,si quero, si quero"). Don Bluth is the man, I've heard rumors that his next project will be a full length Dragon's Lair movie, and if this is true it'll have potential to be the coolest thing Bluth has done yet. Anywho, that's about it.
GHETTO BOOTY CHUN LI! 12-19-00 - Okay, okay. I know that's not a picture of a video game, but I just bought these figures over the weekend and thought they were pretty cool and decided to show them off. WOO HOO! The figures are Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog and Chun Li from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (the version of Chun Li that me and my freinds refer to as "Ghetto Booty Chun-Li" cause she seems to be mostly composed of buns and thighs in Third Strike), and are both sculpted quite well (the paint job on the other hand looked a bit rushed, but oh well). Anywho, I've been a bit busy lately, thus why today's comics are in black and white and I was late with one, but at least they are here. You will also note that there's been a revoting going on with a new Voting Booth script. The past one was a bit on the buggy side and was giving random votes to people. This new one is much better and fowl proof pretty much. Also check out some special things going down. One of the past comics got put up in RPG World's Guest Section and Ian mentions he might put Leroy in a RPG World comic (wouldn't that be keen), plus I did a peice of fan art for Brainfries (the only comic with a sabertooth catgirl), and even though this comic is really old, I think I forgot to mention it, but I did a guest comic for Ghostz a month ago. Anywho, that's about it for now. See ya' next time, and vote for you favorite Shinku character, voting ends Friday.
TAKE ON ME.....! 12-11-00 - It was a toss up between putting Samba De Amigo or Final Fanasty 9 as the cover of the update since I got both of them this weekend and they both kick ass! I decided however on Samba De Amigo, meerly cause everyone and their uncle are currently screaming good stuff about Final Fanasty 9, that I decided to talk about Samba De Amigo! Samba De Amigo rules, and kicks Dance Dance Revolution's ass as a rhythm game, hell even as a video game (not like that's hard in my personal opinion). This game has everything, awsome characters, gay cat guys, maracas (if you pay $80 for them like I did), great music (even a funky ass remix of Aha's "Take On Me"), and addictive gameplay. I love this game, and I feel that the $80 dollar maracas are well worth it for this game, it makes it so much fun (and violent if people get to close). Anywho, other stuff outside of the games. Today's comic proves I'm one lazy bastard, but oh well. Also I want you to notice somethings added. The Keenspace 2001 dropdown box, since I am a member of the Group 2 of the Keenspace Party 2001 (though we don't have anything really up, yet). Also I want to point out the link to the Keenspace Top 99. Click on it for me. Everytime you click on it I get a vote, and I want you guys to show that you love my comic and click on it. If you get me in to the Top Ten I'll draw all the characters in their sleepwear. Seriously. So click on it, K.
WOO HOO!  Let's do some muli-player, baby! 12-4-00 - As you all notice I have a new front page design courtousy of Nicole Watson (because my original design sucked). In other news I got Bomberman Party Edition and it kicks mucho ass! Finally Hudson decided to release a good old fashioned Bomberman game in it's original gameplay style (though the graphics are CG rendered). Hell, this game even goes as far as let you play the original NES Bomberman on it. Though like most Bomberman games this one focusses more on it's multi-player gameplay, but a one player game on this is fun, too (in an old school NES way). Also I want to state that the opening in this game kicks ass, and is one of the coolest game openings I've seen since Pac-man World. Anywho, that's about it for now. See ya'.
GOD DAMMIT! 11-28-00 - Hi folks! I'm back from my Thanksgiving vacation. Hope you liked Mutt's temp art job. Sorry there was no comic yesterday, but Keenspace was down all Monday morning and I couldn't update it. In other news I caved in and bought Monster Rancher Explorer. For those that aren't aware or missed the comic about this game, it's a cleverly disguised Solomon's Key sequel for the Gameboy, but Tecmo of America decided to slap the Monster Rancher names and characters on it to make sure it sales. Talk about lack of respect for the classics! The magician Dana has been changed to an archologist named Cox (huh huh cox). This bugs me for a multitude of reasons. One thing is Dana would make and break blocks as well as shoot fireballs with his wand, however Dana does this with a pickaxe, and that my freind makes no sense. Also all the human characters you meet in this game looks like fanasty/mideivil style characters that would look good with Dana, but Cox looks like a modern day safari explorer (or non blue NES Pitfall Harry) thus doesn't blend well with the rest of the cast. So why did I buy this game? Cause deep down under all the marketing BS it's really Solomon's Key, and that's what I wanted in that respect it is good game, I guess. In other news I got a new Pocket Shinku up today, by the masta' of Boys and Girls Club and Gravis Brian E. Young. So check that out. Also a new video game quote will be up tomarrow, as well as a possible new site design up with in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled. That's about it.
11-21-00- Gah! Why did my entry on the news disappear?!! Anyways, folks, this is Mutt speaking, if you didn't know before. I'm doing Yamcha's comic for the week while he's gone visiting his folks for Turkey Day. Anyways, if anybody was confused about Monday's comic, Leroy's RL counterpart moved to Canada yesterday & that single-frame comic was a tribute to him. No worries, though, since he'll still be Robbie and James's roommate in the comic. Any praise or flames regarding this week's work can be sent to I promise I won't f*ck up the comic too much.


Capcomy Goodness 11-16-00 - Sorry I haven't updated the news the last couple days, I've been real busy. My real job was taking up way more time than I wanted. So I barely got the past comics done. Also there will be no Space Channel Zero this week, cause Cary's cable [A HREF="">modem service is kinda' fucked up at the moment, thus he can't get it to me this week. Hopefully his internet providers will get it fixed ASAP (I doubt it). On a sidenote, everyone go play The Misadventures of Tron Bonne this game rules. It's silly, fun, and pretty damn cool. I like it better than the Mega Man Legends games from which it is spun off of (which was also a spin off of ). To prove how cool this is, even Leroy is addicted to it, and it's the type of game Leroy usually hates with a passion. Anywho, that's it for now. Gotta' go to sleep. PS. Changed the Video Game Quote of the Week, too.

YUMMY! 11-11-00 - Sorry that there wasn't a comic yesterday. I made an error naming the strip file before uploading it, and the automatic updater didn't update it. In short I fucked up. To make up for this I have put up yesterday's comic as well as Nicole's new Sunday comic. Check them out. On a sidenote, I got Jet Grind Radio (as well as Shenmue, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and Mega Man Legends 2) last night and it rules. Why does this game rule? Cause it's a very original and simple concept, something I really like in a video game. Other than that it's more fun than all hell, not just to play, but to watch. Not to mention the music and graphics are bad ass (and that Mew girl is kinda' hot). SO BUY IT! I'll give my opinion on the other games I got later.

*Drool!* 11-07-00 - Okay folks! Tons of new stuff! A new Pocket Shinku! A new Space Channel Zero! Bonus Level Section added! I think that's it. I'd put another indepth "link" filled update, but I got to go play more Pac-man: Adventures in Time ASAP! This game rules! Buy it, or I will kick you in the head!

Let's make some CRAZY money! 11-06-00 - Finally I'm caught up. Though I still have apologies to make. Sorry they are late, sorry they are in black and white, and sorry that the art quality of the last comic is pretty mediocre. I was forced to do the ultimate rush job, while half way awake. Anywho, I also wanted to make a note to my fans. If we reach 1600 postes in the forum (which shouldn't be hard), I will unlock a new section to this page called "Bonus Stage" which'll include a ton of cool stuff like wallpapers and even a video game made by Leroy himself. So go post, now! Also a new Space Channel Zero and a new Pocket Shinku (by a very special guest artist) should be up tomarrow! So get your engines running!

11-03-00 - AURGH! Yes there's no comic today. Why? Because Mutt and I are idiots that's why! Not only did I leave my backpack and sketchbook in his car again, but he left yesterday's comic in his scanner and promised "Oh don't worry, I'll erase it and scan it again for you) and never did! To say the least I'm a tad pissed at him. He knew how important this was, and still didn't do it! AURGH! On a bright side. The new shirts are up so check them out. Plus there will be a weekend comic Saturday thanks to my freind and new weekend artist Nicole Watson. I'll give some more info on her later (or you can check out the forum. As for my normal comic, I guess I'll have to post three comics Monday (grumble grumble). I am not happy, to say the least.

11-02-00 - Sorry that there's no comic today. I left my backpackin Mutt's car after he dropped me off from work last night, andthe sketchbook had the comic. I tried to get it done none theless by contacted Mutt on ICQ and having him scan it to me andsend it, which was a good try, but I didn't realise until I wasputting the comic togethor in Photoshop that I forgot to tell himto erase the pencils first, and the scans were a complete mess(not too bad, but would've took me forever and a day to erase allthe pencil marks), thus no comics (I'm really really sorry). I'llmake up for it by putting up two comics tomarrow, and if it makesyou feel better I put the first rejected comic in the rejectssection. So check it out.

11-01-00 - Yea, I'm late. So sue me. I tried to get this done on time, but I got a major case of sleep dep coupled with the fact that Leroy and I just got our hands on a copy of King of Fighters 99' Evolution for my Dreamcast, and I want to say this game rules! Unlike KOF 99' Dream Match, Evolution is the actual Dreamcast version of the Neo Geo KOF 99' (Dream Match despite saying 99' was really a DC version of the Neo Geo 98'). Anywho, to say the least this game is very bad ass, and I highly reccommend importing it, folks. This game is morth the 30 or so bucks it costs. Anyways, back to the comic. I was late, but I feel it maybe worth it, since I added 2 new sections: Cary's Space Channel Zero and Pocket Shinku!, so check them out. I'd put links here, but I'm too damn lazy (and tired). Anywho, that's about it. I should have some stuff in the rejects, and the new shirts up my Friday (I hope).

10-31-00 - Sorry that there was no comic on Mondy, my DSL wastemporarily down and I couldn't update. So today you get not justone, but two comics! Also there's a cool new Halloween/KOF/Shinkupic to check out in the Art section, so check it out and tell mewhat you think. If everything goes right I should have a suprisefor you people tomarrow, as well. Tee Hee Hee!

10-27-00 - Sorry haven't updated this in awhile, between sleepdeprivation. work, and Mario Tennis I was barely getting thecomic done. Anywho, you may of noticed the random guest comicsthat came in. Tuesday's was done by Keith Taylor of The Masked Acolyteas thanks for the comic I drew for him awhile back. Loved the useof animated GIF on Leroy's hair. Wednesday's was drawn by my newfreind Zeddy I met at ArlingCon, because I drew a pic of him. Iloved how he did Leroy's speech pattern :D If you want to talk toZeddy he's been spending a lot of time in my friggin' insaneforum. So check it out. Keith Taylor (illumius) appears theresometimes, too. I'm sure they'd love to hear what you think. Inother news, I recently bought MArio Tennis and Pokemon PuzzleLeague and they both kick major ass, and I reccomend buying them.That's it for now. I also updated the Video Game Quote Of TheWeek.

10-20-00 - If you want to know who hell that goose is, go checkout the awsome comic Cigarro& Cerveja

10-19-00 - I have been doing my best to resist stating myopinions on the PS2 in my comic, but I could resist no longer asyou've seen in today's comic. If you want to post your feelingson the PS2 feel free to post them in The Forum, I'm sure me andothers would love to hear them.

10-18-00 - I finally got my cool Keenspace Forum, so I dropped myold forum and have changed over to the swell new Keenspace forumI was given. To celebrate my new forum, I will add three newshirts to the Store section and two new sections to this webpageif the forum reaches 50 postes before Halloween. So get crackingpeople! This stuff is promised to be cool!

10-17-00 - I was having trouble making today's comic look cool incolor, so I did it in black in white. Looks cool enough. Alsocheck out James's random cameo in The Masked Acolyte.

10-16-00 - Sorry about having no comic on Friday, I was REALLYtired that day and wasn't able to do it. However today's comic isup and so is a new Video Game Quote of the Week. I'll also try toscan some of the reject comics this week.

10-11-00 - Two updates in one day?! I got a bad ass fanart pic ofRobbie from Tigard's Own Dr. Evil, and I had to show it off.Check it out in the Art Section.

10-11-00 - Yup, redesigned the page, again. I really like thisdesign, but it may change again, since my freind and web designmasta' Nicole wanted to mess with it a little. Also added a newsection, and a new Video Game Quote of the week!

10-9-00 - I'm sure you noticed I didn't put up a Saturday andSunday strip. Well, I actually did draw strips for those days,but I never had the chance to scan or color them. See the problemis that I'm always busy on weekends. Usually spending time withmy roommates and freinds since I'm at work all the other days.Thus I've decided not to do weekend strips anymore (sorry, guys).I just don't have the time. My comic will now show from Monday toFriday, however it will now be in full color at all times, andI'll even try to put more work into it (I textured thebackgrounds and stuff in this strip, but I doubt you'll noticeit.

This strip also marks the introduction to my other roommateJames, and yes James looks like Jesus in real life, too.

I'll try to get a new video game quote of the week, as well asa slightly new webpage design up for the comic by the end of theweek, so stay tuned!

10-6-00 - Today's comic is about something that's been bugging mewith a few new Gameboy Color games. For some reason companies aretaking classic video games and slapping popular characters onthem and claiming as that character's game. Thus Mr. Do! wasturned into Quest Fanasty Challenge, Burgertime Deluxe isbecoming a Flinstones game, Elevator Action is being made into aDexter's Labratory game, and one of my favorite NES gamesSolomon's Key is being made into a Monster Rancher game. I hatethis, because not only does it cheapin' the original game thesegames are based on, but also the characters they are slapping onthem. Tis a sad day for the retro gamers. Also I finished readingthe entire Penny Arcade Archive right before I drew this comic aswell. ^^;

10-3-00 - Sorry the comic is late, but Photoshop kept crashing onme last night and I got to fustrated to deal with it. I got thecomic up now, and it's in color! I'm going to try to do all thecomics in color from now on, but no promises on it staying thatway.

10-2-00 - 10-2-00 Hi fans! *crickets chirp* ^^; Anywho, since mycomic was late Sunday, you get not just one, but three comicstoday. You can view the Sunday one by hitting previous, as wellas one from both me and my freind Nicole Watson for today! WooHoo! Tell me you love me! *crickets chirp again* Also I've justplayed the greatest fighting game ever! I got a copy of Capcomvs. SNK for the Dreamcast and it's a dream come true! The wholegame is drool worthy (except my favorite Street Fighter DanHibiki is not in the game ;_;), and best of all, it's not arandom button smasher! It takes actual skill to play this game!No damn 50 or 100 hit combos by just hitting two buttons, justgood ole skill, challenge, and fun! So in hombrage to thiswonderful game, I'm working on a pic that has my cast ofcharacters dressed as 4 of the SNK vs. Capcom characters. Itshould be up soon.

9-29-00 - As you may notice, I've added a few new sections to mywebpage. WOOHOO! Aren't you happy. And Monday I will be drawingthe comic again. I would really like to know what you guys thinkof this lil' stunt I did, cause I may do some more crazy specialswith my comic if I get good responses.